Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When will I grow up

     Every now and then I look in the mirror and remember I am an adult. It really escapes me sometimes. I wonder when did this happen. I have made my own way and my own decisions for over half my life. Granted I share a home and life with my family, but I sit pretty high on the food chain. For the most part my wife and kids look to me for guidance. In my wife's case she is looking into a blank and confused face. 

     I wonder did the generations before me know what they were doing? They weren't very good at it if they did. I know that sounds mean, but I don't think the method used on me was developed by adults. Some people have parents that held jobs and did normal stuff. Did those parents know they were grown up? Did I miss a meeting? If I am not the only person who has this realization, my question is When? When do we qualify to be grown up adults. The legal age doesn't seem to fit. I had to act like an adult when I was five but it didn't mean I was one. At 19 I knew everything but was stupid and reckless.  My kids seem to have old souls and I remember saying 3 going on 30. 

     Perhaps it is wisdom showing me that I don't know everything.  I like that definition... Being an adult is being wise enough to make good choices and not act stupid. 

     Maybe I am not entirely and adult but I am getting close. :)

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