Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Scary Sky

     We enjoyed a wonderful lightning storm with forks and booms and everything I love about them. Sometimes me and my daughter open the front room blinds and watch the storms do their dance. There was a problem tonight that we haven't encountered in Texas storms. The power went out. We all grabbed our smart phones with flashlight apps and lit up candles. As Andrea and I got ready for bed our daughter comes in and asks to spend the night in our room cause she is scared. The logical parent says grow up and get over it nothing is going to hurt you. The emotional parents asks what is the big deal, how will it ruin her. Is she going to be 30 trying to sleep in my bed. The emotional wins and she is at the foot of our bed on a little pallet feeling safe. I am glad she is here because it won't be long til i miss her terribly.

Have a good night

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