Monday, November 2, 2009

What does it mean to fall in love?

We'd like to hear your thoughts and perceptions of what it means to "fall in love".

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  1. To get things rolling, let's start with your "first love". What made that person special? How did you feel physically? Emotionally? When did you understand that it might not really be the person you chose for the long term?

    When I first starting believing that I was in love, I was 15. He was the first guy I could actually talk to and not stumble over my words and he seemed to find what I said important. When I would see him, my heart started tripping over itself and there were butterflys doing loops in my stomach. I felt light headed and thought that nothing could be better than this was exciting, fun and made me feel like I was worth something to have his attention. Was I in love? I thought so. Did it last? No. So...what happened? There was attraction, communication, emotion and the desire to take it forward, but it didn't go that way...why? And what makes falling in love turn into staying in love?